designed PDA background

rock designs was born
out of the designers name 'craig'

'comes from the Gaelic meaning "rocks" or "crag" '

Originally this designated someone living near or on a cliff or rock, but later this attribute was passed onto the name meaning solid or dependable.
I decided to use this as our motto -

"Solid as a Rock"

I feel at Rock Designs that our designs will be solid, well designed, functional sites adhering to good design principles.

I have just completed a Cert IV course in web design at Hornsby TAFE, which is renowned for its revolutionary approach to teaching this subject.
The lecturers run their own web design companies and bring their skills and knowledge of modern practices into the classroom.

My view is it is important to keep abreast of the latest technological changes in this Industry and pass this on in our designs.

We offer a range of services from creating websites to design work and helping with branding.

Why not contact Rock Designs today and
see what we can do for you

Castle on rock