designed PDA background
Piechart for Benevolent Society
Hornsby Tafe IT Website Design
Boostworks Accountancy Design
17 Tools Toolshop Design
Surf Shop Design
Star Burger Design
Fantastik Balloons Design
Australian Sustainability Design
Design enphasising transparencies
Design practice using Fireworks Bitmap Tools Design practice using Fireworks Bitmap Tools Design practice using Fireworks Bitmap Tools
Piechart design for Benevolent Society

Piechart for the Benevolent Society

I was asked to produce a piechart for the Benevolent Society to appear in their internal documentation.

I produced the chart in various colour schemes including their own green/blue logo colour.

The above scheme was my favourite layout as the colours work together in a pleasing manner.

I produced this designs using Adobe Fireworks with the images provided by the client.

Hornsby Tafe IT Website Design

We were asked to redesign the Hornsby IT departments website.

As there is a lot of information on this site I decided to use several consertina menus to hide content until required.

The colour scheme is designed around the Tafe logo colours.

Items have been categorized and grouped with lots of white space to make the site look less cluttered than it is.

I produced the design using Fireworks CS4.

Boostworks Chartered Accountants Design

The brief for this design was to produce a website design for a chartered accountants business with a modern feel.

We also had to produce the logo design which I based around the business name.

I wanted the design to be easy to navigate and scan which is accomplished here with easy to follow navigation links and uncluttered background space.

Using a minimal colour pallet also allows for easy scanning of the text without being distracted.

Adobe Fireworks CS4 was used to produce this design.

17 Tools Toolshop Design

This design was derived from a test where we had to produce a design for a tools store.

As someone who is tool orientated I decided to set out the layout so I could easily navigate the store.

If producing such a site I would carry out research to determine how tradies would prefer to navigate such a site.

fireworks was the software used to produce this design

Surf Shop Design

For this design the brief was to produce a design for a female orientated surf shop.

In this design I have used a large picture of the sea lapping onto a beach to epitamize what surfing is all about - lifestyle, beach and surf.

The menu's are embossed in to the sand with text scrolling down to an infinite end determined by content required.

Fireworks was used to produce this design

Star Burger Fast Food Design

Another fast food burger joint required a website to promote their business.

The design needed to be bright, bold and easy to navigate with special offers being prominently displayed.

There needed to be an enthasis on good quality ingredients being used.

Adobe Fireworks was used to produce this design.

Fantastik Bolloon Emporium Design

A fun site full of colour and playfulness was required to advertise Fantastik's balloon business.

The colors used were derived from the balloon images provided for the site.

The site was produced using Fireworks.

Australian Sustainability Design

This design had to enthasise sustainability and recycling.

The design was based around the colour green as this epitamises recycling.

Abode's Fireworks software was used to produce this design.

Design using Transparency

This design was given to us to reproduce in an exam from an image.

I reproduced the image after the exam again for practice - the result is above.

This design is a good example of using masking and transparencies in Adobe Foreworks.

Fireworks Bitmap Tools Practice

Interesting effects can be produce using Fireworks Bitmap Tools.

Fireworks Pattern Drawing Practice

Interesting designs can be produce using Fireworks.

Fireworks Perspective Practice

Depth can be created using Fireworks by incorporating gradients and transparencies.