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Healing for Life Website
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Australian Adventures website by Rock Designs

Rock Designs Logo

The idea behind this logo was to produce a slab of granite with the words etched in to it.

The logo colours were determined after some experimentation with colour schemes to find a design which looked right with the website design.

The design was created using a combination of the Adobe CS4 design software.

Healing for Life Logo

The brief for this logo was to produce a design which was calming and relaxing to reflect the nature of the clients business.

I designed the logo around the lotus blossom. Lighting it up from the bottom to give it an etherial appearance, wrapping the business name around the base.

The colours chosen were to reflect the clients preference for their site scheme.

I used a combination of Adobe CS4 design software to create this design.

Bookshop Logo

This design was produced from my clients brief to produce a logo comprising a book with the business name and a rising sun on the cover.

As the theme for the bookshop was an old warm fuzzy feel, I decided to give the book an old leather appearance.

Adobe CS4 software was use to produce this design